TEAS'R Short Film Festival

Online Erotic Film Festival

March 19th to April 2nd

Indulge in Tucson’s only local erotic short films competition, featuring 5 locally made erotic films competing for cash prizes, accompanied by a curated collection of 12 international erotic short films.

Thiffany Carvalho – MASTURBAÇÃO – Brazil

Kelsey Kempfer, Linzee Klinkenberg, Mimi Ferrie – You’re Fired: A Farewell to 45 – United States

Philip Brocklehurst – Narcissus II – United Kingdom

Mahdi Barqzadegan – Abstract experealism – Iran

Oona Taper – Tease – United States

Vijay Sharma – Anahita – India

Sanjini Bhakta- Cyber Romance – United States

Christian Schneider- nos 90 era assim (It was like that in the 90s) – Portugal

Ignacio Rodó – Centrifugado (Spin cycle) – Spain

Ignacio Rodó – La petite mort – Spain

Gonzalo Romero – Sacred Home of Pleasure – Mexico

Bruno Miguel Resende – Arcano 23 – Portugal

Cleofeetra -From Cleofeetra With Love

Kelsey & Danny – Blasting Off

Human Squid – 14 Days!?

Mink in Kink – Birth of Decadence

Technopagan Dreams – Promising Young Playboy