The Box: Out Of The Impossible/Kiana's Apache Ceremony



August 2nd to 9th

Tickets: $6  *Online link will be in order confirmation


The Box: Out Of The Impossible 47 min
Both highly informative and deeply emotional, The Box is a rare opportunity to understand the indescribable destruction to one’s psyche when raised in a cult. At 20 years old, Maddie Caballo escaped the psychological boundaries of her family leaving her alone to navigate a world she did not understand. After years of traditional therapy, the discovery of alternative therapy finally led her back into inhabiting the body that she had vacated long ago. The Box is a story of horror, healing and hope; a journey out of the impossible.

Kiana’s Apache Ceremony 52 min
In the middle of the White Mountain Apache reservation near Pinetop, Arizona, Kiana, a twelve-year-old Native American girl, prepares to celebrate her passage into adulthood. Surrounded by her tribe, she bravely embarks upon her initiation ritual, a demanding experience filled with symbolism and colour, where song and dance intermingle from another time. Her journey through this ancestral rite of passage will instil her with patience and perseverance for the rest of her life.