Teasr Short Film Festival

Tickets: $15, +18 EVENT!


Saturday March 18th at


Doors at 7pm
Movie at 8pm

I AM NOT GAY – Zening Li – China

Ballad of Pussy Willow – Neil Ira Needleman – United States

Far Too Late – Gentry McShane – United States

Bears with Bananas and Bubbles in their Boxers – Lee Campbell – United Kingdom

Robin on the Beach – Patricia Mooney – United States

Gabriela – Andreas Friedl – Austria

Det. Femme Fatale  – Ernie Berger – United States

Fake Nudes XXX – Werther Germondari, Victory Storary – Italy

Celestial Bodies – Ryan Suits – United States

Thots and Prayers – Ryan Suits – United States

Two Years – Gabriel Lapierre – Canada

Thanatos –  Oscar Lopera – Venezuela

Not man enough 1 (soccer fan) –  Andres Valenzuela – Chile

Local Short Film Competition:

Trip to Tushy Town – Elephant Scout

Il Desiderio Del Fallo – Jeremy, Danny, and Kelsey