Shorts Block 3



August 2nd to 9th

Tickets: $6  *Online link will be in order confirmation

In The Gutter
Dir: Sushila Kandola

A story about a husband at the top of his game… and a wife with a score to settle.  

Find Your Soul
Dir: Germain lalot
An inner journey told by the famous Chinese artist Zhang Huan who never stops searching for inspiration.  

Dir: David Arthur, Brian Cook
Brian Cook is a Master Canoe Builder in Dwight, Ontario. His life hasn’t always been so simple though. Against the backdrop of the interiors of Algonquin Park, Cook’s poetic narration explains why he stopped believing in the stem-cell / longevity research pursuit, and returned home to Canada to paddle.  

The Mountains We Climb
Dir: Jeremy Camp
Following the inner dialogue of an online date, we venture into the conscious as Alex tries to put himself “out there”.  

Dir: Marek Głuszczak
Timid Franek finds a new job. His task is to pretend attractive call girls and fortune tellers. This is the last chance to pay off his rent to a selfish landlord, Bronek and to have a passionate romance with his supervisor Joanna. One day the boy discovers a sad secret of his landlord.  

Gladys and Dee Dee: Secrets
Dir: F. Thomas Vincent
Gladys & Dee Dee: SECRETS is a dark comedy that follows a picture-perfect housewife and mother with a very dark conundrum — she’s a killer. From childhood, Gladys Clock dreamt of becoming an artist, only to be confronted with rejection. She finds comfort in a stranger, but when the stranger develops an ulterior motive, she must devise an escape route. Her first victim was an accident, the others, well, not so much. Gladys is surrounded by a gullible husband, a kooky best friend and oddball homicide detectives, all living in a surreal world.  
Dir: Julie Garcia
An obsession with social media fame can wreck friendships.