Shorts Block 1



August 2nd to 9th

Tickets: $6  *Online link will be in order confirmation

Dir: Tyler McDonald
Lauren Cheney, a painter from Arizona, describes what inspires her, how she makes a painting and why she feels the need to create art.  

Dir: David A Miller

Samantha is bringing her new boyfriend, Robert, home to meet her family. But something about Robert doesn’t sit well with her brother, Chase. 

Eggplant Parmesan
Dir: John Grace
What is the strangest conversation you can have at a urinal?  

The Eulogist
Dir: Peter Strupp
A cynical eulogist receives a postmortem visit from one of his “clients,” and their conversation forever changes his outlook on life and death.  

Dir: James Altschul
A young girl learns an important lesson about failure.  

What We Become
Dir: Stephen P. Davis
In a near dystopian future, a young woman on the run is forced to trust a stranger if she hopes to survive.  

Dir: Chris Smith
“Ignite” is the story behind a local brewery in Phoenix, Arizona. From focusing on an inclusive experience for beer drinkers, creating a rewarding element to their brand, and reigniting the craft beer scene, this film digs deeper to the core of their passion for beer, and their passion  

Coming Home
Dir: Shelby F. Elwood
Three Native American teens go to a museum for a class project. One boy, completely disinterested, grumbles, yawns, and plays games on his phone. A powerful encounter with a long-lost warrior shakes him out of his apathy and renews his cultural pride.  

Out of Formation
Dir: Stjepan Alaupovic
An average of 17 military veterans dies by suicide each day. Out of Formation is an eye-opening short documentary that spotlights the mission of Creative Drill Sergeants (CDS). A 501C3 non-profit whose mission is to prevent Homelessness and Suicide among military veterans.  

Suicide Prevention
Dir: Julie Garcia

Dir: Tina L Clark
Eating Disorders are overlooked and undiagnosed in African American communities too often being called a “white woman’s disease.” Taci was adapted from my Memoir where I talk about what it’s like to be Black and an anorexic.