Director's Cut La Ronde

Tickets: $10 – $15


Monday July 15th at

Monday July 22nd at

Monday July 29th at

Ten directors, both theater and film, interpret an individual scene from Arthur Schnitzler’snotorioys, sexy satire┬áLa Ronde. Directors include Andrew Baughman, Avai D’Amico, Gabriela de Brequet, Michael Fenlason, Mark Klugheit, Chloe Loos, Alexander Robinson, Nicole Scott, Margaret Smith, and Gretchen Wirges.

Schnitzler’s La Ronde was a scandalous satirical comedy of turn-of-the-century Vienna. These Tucson directors were tasked creating a specific vision for each scene. La Ronde begins with a soldier meeting a prostitute. The soldier then goes to meet a maid. The maid then goes to meet a young gentleman. And so it continues in a “round” until again we meet the prostitute. With a sardonic eye toward Viennese mores and morals, our director’s update, reinterpret, reinvigorate, and create a vision for today.

The Screening Room offers craft beers and wine. This is a 21+ event.