C*nts Being C*nts Talking About C*nts

Saturday March 16th at 9:00pm


Tickets: $5

Cami Anderson
Celia Contreras
Kathie Hedrick
Magghie O’Shea
Molly Bowes
Sloan Valenzuela
Vene Aguirre
We’d also like to remind everyone that we don’t take the word cunt lightly.
In fact, we find the word to be quite beautiful when used in an empowering way.

Let’s take away the negative connotation associated with the word cunt and reclaim it!

We wanted to share this quote with all of you and it is from an article called, Why I think It’s Important To Reclaim The Word C*nt….”Do you know how much power we could have if we took all of the bullshit out of the word and made it something spectacular, that everyone wanted to have a piece of?”