Arizona Underground Film Festival 2019

September 13th to 22nd

Wednesday September 18th at 8:30pm


2019 / USA / 82 min. / Documentary

A character study of, “the funniest comedian you’ve never heard of,” and an exploration of how we define artistic success, MENTALLY AL follows Al Lubel, a former Star Search grand champion as he struggles to get by, perpetually broke and sleeping on friends couches, as he continues to pursue his artistic dreams into his sixties.

Thursday September 19th at 6:30pm


2018 / Austria, Taiwan, USA / 65 min. / Experimental

Ghosttown, a Glitch Western experimental feature film, critiques myths and ideologies of the American West while reworking and disrupting familiar genres.

Thursday September 19th at 8:00pm



The Phantom 52

The Hat

Cold Storage

Border Patrol Season 2

Bad Assistant


A Tattooed Heart

I Am He Who Created Himself

Friday September 20th at 6:30pm


2019 / USA / 73 min. / Drama, Thriller, Adventure

A homeless woman living in the tunnels below New York City survives on her own terms in the days leading up to a blizzard.

Friday September 20th at 8:00pm


2019 / USA / 96 min. / History, Sport, Comedy, Documentary

Most people know foosball as the game they used to play in their parent’s basement, but for some die-hard fans, foosball isn’t just a game… its a way of life. Enter the underground world of professional foosball, a sport that’s been around for over 40 years but no one knows exists.

Friday September 20th at 10:00pm

Tickets: 18+ Suggested Audience

2019 / Spain / 100 min. / Drama

Ascetic vision about a being who detests the dysfunctional social model that this society proposes and opts for the way of self-destruction. Loneliness, addiction, survival, human sacrifice and a strong ideological component, turn Roman Di Martino “Bronko” into the symbol of the new contemporary redeemer.

Saturday September 21st at 2:00pm



Sunset Channel

Morning Vegas

Cemetery Song




Saturday September 21st at 4:00pm


2018 / USA / 8 min. / Experimental

Two filmmakers set out to create an audio archive for possible use in future projects. She records ambient sounds, vocally annotating them with a brief description; he films the environments through which they pass. The time frame is indeterminate, but wintry branches stripped of their leaves give way to summer greenery, a rain-soaked stretch of highway yields to an overgrown lawn drenched in sunlight, observed by a motionless cat.

2018 / Poland / 70 min. / Documentary, Experimental

”Komodo Dragons” is based on two parallel stories. First one is focused on the documentary observation of a group of autistic adults living at the Farm Life (a therapy center near Krakow) when the second one is a story about young parents Agata and Franek, who want to sacrifice their own son.

Saturday September 21st at 6:00pm


2019 / USA / 100 min. / Experimental

A gothic tale of mysticism told like a true crime story. Two women go out into the fringe of rural culture to seek a revelation. They get trapped in a fierce place, and one murders a man with an ax after she has a vision he is an evil thing. Legend spreads that while locked away in prison, she levitates.

Saturday September 21st at 8:00pm


2018 / Netherlands, Belgium / 100 min.

Sex, nihilism and aimless youth…in a Belgian-Dutch border village, eight privileged teenagers play increasingly dangerous games of self-discovery one hot summer. They challenge each other and themselves and soon, their sexual curiosity starts to blur the lines between right and wrong.

Saturday September 21st at 10:00pm

Tickets: 18+ Suggested Audience


Blue Sunday

Higher Space


The Deplorable Existence of Monster Mt. vs. Dreamo Herandez

Creatures of Cowardice


The Coming of Cindy Claus

Sunday September 22nd at 2:00pm


2018 / USA / Comedy

Screenwriter Billy Shaw must face his inner demons while convincing comic book store owners John and Pete to help him write a sequel to his greatest work; a movie about comic book superheroine Fren-Zee.

Sunday September 22nd at 5:00pm


2019 / USA / 47 min. / Documentary

Failed film producer (Jethro) dreams of one good story and stumbles upon a man (Dr. D’Antonio) who claims to have solved the Zodiac murder cases by discovering the Zodiacs artwork. The Artwork identifies the Zodiac Killer. Jethro gets his wish.

Sunday September 22nd at 7:00pm


2019 / Sweden / 96 min. / Comedy, Drama

Fredriks peaceful life in an idyllic small town is turned upside down when his old childhood friend Patrik is released from prison. Together with Birger, the third member of their old trio, they manage to get lost in a spiral of chaos involving a vindictive policeman, a few grams of weed and a gang of danish robbers.