Apex Film Festival

Saturday February 23rd at 4:00pm

For the full schedule of films visit https://apexfest.org/


Apex Short Film + Music Video Festival Schedule for Saturday, February 23rd

“Wait Here for the Sun” • Andrew McCubbin

“Post Script” • Eric Robillard

“The Resolution” • Jeffrey Cox

“A Gunshot is Enough” • Protto

I Know That Mug” • Film Actor Workshops

Transforming Agave” • Bryan Nelson


4:45 • Q&A with Daniel Gonzales and Bryan Nelson

“T.S.A.” • Dave Dadich

“The Hurting” • Svavar Knutur

Brain Engagement” • Patrick Neff

“War Love” • Jessica Lá Rel

“Dark Night of the Soul” • Derek James Carlson

“Wrong Turn” • Champagne Honeybee


5:47 • Live performance by Dr. Immanuel Abraham, violinist and composer

“Be My Rebel” • Nena & Dave Stewart

“Caronte” • Luis Tinoco Pineda

“Boots at the Door” • Pongo

“I Thought You’d Be Gone” • Ryan Clausen

“Chocolate Queen” • Mariusz Brozek

“Rise” • Darcy Miller

“Maladie” • Alessandro D’Ambrosi

“The Wife Just Doesn’t Understand” • David Musolf

“Grief, Dance to Death” • Madben

“The Observer” • Eric Flores


7:10 • Q&A with Ryan Clausen, David Musolf, Eric Flores

“Little Eden” • The Lockhearts

“Sidewalk Angels” • Paulo Miranda


7:37 • Live performance by DaQuan Billions

“Bird Trap” • Supermoon

“Trip With Lola” • Bright Light Social Hour

“Piccola Foglia di Vento” • Giacomo Rossetti

“Sex Crystals” • Fascinator

“Crazy Kind” • Sky Technology

“Imagination” • Roth Rind

“Back on Track” • Marius Fischer

“Let Me Go” • MCM

“Empty” • The Activists

“This Great Nation” • Hector Anderson

“A Little Too Obtuse” • Useless Cities